recent and upcoming exhibitions and residencies

The Centre for Studies of Religion and Society
University of Victoria, BC Canada
Fall 2014 to Summer 2015 

Design Camp: Portable Camera Obscura
Design|Cultures + Creativity Program, University of Maryland, DC 
Fall 2014

Third Street Artist-in-Residence Program
Lafayette College, PA
(in conjuncture with the Mapping Meaning Exhibition)
Spring 2014

Re-connections (in collaboration with Andrea Walsh, Joni Olsen, Adam Olsen, Sylvia Olsen)
Ethnographic Terminalia exhibition
Arts Incubator 
Chicago, IL
Fall 2013

Honors College
University of Utah, UT
Fall 2013

Mapping Meaning: A Holistic Approach Toward Human, Ecological; Technological Landscapes. Capitol Reef Field Station, Capitol Reef National Park, UT
Summer 2012

The Kasian Gallery
University of Calgary, AB
Fall 2012

Pocket Notes (a collaboration with Jamie Drouin)
Fall 2012 

Conduit (a collaboration with Jamie Drouin)
Open Space Gallery
Victoria, BC
Spring 2011

finding aid
Southern Alberta Art Gallery
Lethbridge, Alberta
Summer 2010

finding aid: the pleasure in a good view
Du Mois Gallery
New Orleans, LA
Fall 2010

Portable Camera Obscura
Crane Arts
Philadelphia, PA
Fall 2009