September to November 2007 

During a residency I participated in at the Banff Centre in the fall of 2007, "walking and art", I began to investigate early 20th century postcards from the popular Lake Louise area. Exploring the possibility of returning to the exact location of the historical postcard, this work reports back my experience to the viewer as a hybrid installation, performance, and an archive (made up of photographs, text, video and field notes), to converse with the history of landscape art in the 20th century.

My recent works investigate a small number of archival images as a way to slow down and elaborate on understandings and misunderstandings of place and representation (Sekula 1981). Recent writing about art argues that better understandings of place emerge from an engagement with both the visible and things that remain invisible (Dean and Millar 2005). I am interested in intangible aspects of experience of place as emphasized in the journey to repeat a photograph.

My work is in direct conversation with art that emphasizes interaction with and experience of place, mixing landscape art and performance. I orient my journey to return to past positions in the landscape using repeat photography as an embodied practice and a performative work. Ultimately this struggle indicates a lack, things not found in the contemporary repeat photograph in comparison with the historical photograph structure the work.